Frequently Asked Questions

What are the photography sessions that you offer?

I photograph  babies, toddlers, cake smash, children &  families. I offer studio or outdoor sessions which are either in my home studio or on location.

Which days do you work?

 All of my sessions are booked in advance so that we are able to find a day to suit everybody. 

What if my child doesn's play ball?

It happens. Thats why wine was invented.  Kids are kids and I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to keep them happy during their session & I allow lots of time for each session so your little ones can feel at ease before we begin. 

What should we wear?

This will depend on which session you choose but I will always help you decide on outfits if needed and i have some images I can send you for inspiration too. 

Generally though I suggest it is best to avoid anything too matchy – matchy, logos / characters or colours that clash. 

How long will my session last?

Every session is different and I always let the little ones take the lead.  Some little ones are shy so I like to take my time and let them warm up first.  From experience though,  I would allow 1 hour for a studio or location photoshoot or up to 2 hours for a cake smash session.

What time is best for our outdoor session?

The best time for your outdoor session is around 45 minutes after sunrise or 1.5 – 2 hours before sunset. Generally morning sessions tend to work best with younger children and afternoon sessions often work best for older families.

This is to avoid harsh sunlight which is not pretty in photos and it means we have more chance of capturing that gorgeous “golden hour” glow.  Also there are a lot less people at these times 🙂 

Is parking available at your studio?

Yes! My lovely custom built studio is in my garden in Eastwood, Leigh On Sea. I will usually have a space on my drive for you, but if not you can find a space along my road.

How many images do you take?

I take a good variety of images and after the culling process (eyes closed, multiple images of the same poses etc) I am left with the best images from your session.

These are the images I will hand edit and place in your gallery ready for you to view.

How long will it be until I can see my photos?

This is around 14 days from the day of your shoot.  Editing of galleries is done in order of session dates. 

Products may take around 21 days from ordering (dependant on product ordered) 

Do You Print Images?

Prints, products and wall art can be added on to any of my packages. I use a specialist lab who colour match my images to ensure the best quality. I cannot be held responsible for the standard of prints obtained elsewhere. 

Please ask for my price list. 

This all sounds AMAZING, I don’t think I can contain my excitement for a second longer! how do I book?

Weekends do fill up in advance, so contact me as soon as you have decided to book a photoshoot with me.

Cake Smash & Splash sessions need to be booked around 3 weeks in advance to ensure I have all the décor needed, and to book with my wonderful cake lady.

There is a £50 booking fee which reserves your session date & time. You can then select the package that suits you best. The remining balance is due before the day of your photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Dad Questions(!) 

Do I get to take the cake home after my babies cake smash session ?

Yes… unless your beautiful baby eats it all or dribbles all over it (although that doesn’t stop some)

How much is this going to cost?

Deduct half of the package prices shown because “this old thing has been in the back of the cupboard for ages / It was in the sale ”

**You cant actually deduct half of the package **

Do I have to miss the football for the photoshoot?

Nope! Because I have free Wi-Fi available in my studio.

Do I really have to be in the family photos?

Yep! Oh, and the quicker you admit defeat and accept that your partner and I will basically force you ask you nicely to be in some the better. You will get a sticker though if I think you have done well

Can you make me look like Tom Hardy / Chris Hemsworth / Bradley Cooper / Noel Edmonds (guilty pleasure #sorrynotsorry)

Nope! I am a photographer not a magician

What do I have to wear?

Whatever you are told advised to wear by your partner! Failing that, anything that’s ironed!

This all sounds AMAZING, I don’t think I can contain my excitement for a second longer! how soon can you fit us in?

Weekends do fill up way in advance, so contact me as soon as you have decided to book me. Cake Smash & Splash sessions do need to be booked around 3 weeks in advance to ensure I have all the décor needed and to book with my wonderful cake lady.